Foot Levelers Spinal Pelvic Stabilisers

“Soft orthotics for all shoes, comfortably supporting the three arches of you feet, stabilising the knees, pelvis and spine”

Want to feel like a professional athlete?

Foot Levelers orthotics are something different as they stabilise the spine and pelvis by supporting the three arches of your feet unlike other orthotics. This creates a stable foundation for your body to build a healthy posture upwards from the feet to the knees, pelvis, spine and shoulders.

They are individually custom made using modern digital scanning technology. Unlike other orthotics they are soft making them more comfortable to wear in all shoes.    

Chiropractic adjustments combined with Foot Levelers orthotics help brings your body back to its natural state of alignment. This helps you hold your chiropractic adjustments in place and reduce skeletal stress and pain

Our practice aims to provide you with the latest technology available to maximise your good health and well being. We have this foot scanner available at all three clinics to help improve the health of you all. 

Find out how we can help improve your total body wellness from head to toe!  

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