Sports Performance

What is Sports Chiropractic?

Sports chiropractic is also known as chiropractic sports sciences/medicine. The focus of sports chiropractors is to provide care in the conservative management, rehabilitation
and performance optimization of neuromusculoskeletal system for athletes and to participate in a multi-disciplinary sports injury care environment.

Sports chiropractic achieves this focus through the application of a multimodal treatment approach that include one or more of the following: manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue
therapies, electrotherapy, rehabilitation and other movement/exercise therapies, nutritional advice, strapping and bracing and other related approaches. These approaches are applied to injury
management in the form, of acute, subacute and chronic injury as well as in the prevention of injury and the optimisation of athletic performance through the pursuit of the highest efficiency
in neuromusculoskeletal functioning.

A Sports Chiropractor may possess additional qualifications specific to sport. Those chiropractors who have pursued additional study have assimilated a large body of clinical information
specific to the special needs of those who participate in sport.

Sports chiropractic is growing rapidly nationally and internationally and is well established at many world level sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the World Games. The
Federation of International Chiropractic Sport (FICS) is the peak, international sports chiropractic body and plays a dominant role in promoting sports chiropractic throughout the world. FICS
is made up of many national sports chiropractic councils. These include sports chiropractic councils from Australia, The United States, The United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand,
Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, and many others.


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